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Instagram Followers

This website will show you everything you need to know about instagram and where to get started on getting free followers.
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Instagram for Business: The best hashtags for finding new followers.

There are may ways of collecting new followers but nothing beats the good old fashioned way: with your content. Users that follow you because they like your pics or your business are more loyal than any Instagram followers that you have to pay for.
But how can new users looking for others to follow get to know your business from Instagram pics alone? The answer is hashtags.
By using certain hashtags and pairing them with excellent content you can get your business seen by new users ravenous for new content to follow.
Analysts like Dan Zarella have spent countless hours figuring out the science behind the hashtag and have come up with some interesting info about the most likes hashtags on Instagram.
These hashtags are important to you as a business for several reasons. Let's talk about a few of these hashtags and how you can use them to gain new followers for your business.

* #followforfollow

There are several versions of this hashtag on the list to account for differences in spelling, phrasing and abbreviation. Whether you spell it #follow4follow, #f4f, or the blunt #followme, you are dealing with the same audience. Adding this hashtag to your Instagram posts will open you up to a wide audience of users that are hoping to gain followers as well.
This user will check the list of posts that have this hashtag for photos they like and will follow in the hopes that you will follow them back. We highly recommend that you use this hashtag, just be prepared to return the favor and follow the user back.

* #instalike

This hashtag is one of the most well-visited among new users. When a user joins Instagram and signs in the first time they have very little on their Instagram feed to browse because they don’t yet follow anyone. These new users must then add their friends, browse the hashtags, and look at the trending posts to find stuff to add to their timeline. Instalike is so frequently used that the hashtag results are like a digest of photos from across Instagram for new users to
choose from, making it a fast way to find cool users to follow.Use this hashtag to promote your business by adding it to posts with upbeat photos and videos that represent your brand but aren’t directly promotional.

* #beautiful

Users who are searching for the #beautiful hashtag want to follow users who post artistic photos. This is another broad spectrum hashtag that can be used in so many ways, which is beneficial for your business, no matter what it is. This is a great hashtag for a professional photography studio, or a visual artist. It is also a popular with nature enthusiasts on Instagram. Be sure to pair this hashtag with other tags specific to your business when posting for more positive feedback.
Hope you find these hashtags useful! More updates to come.

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